Odoo-Infrastructure is an application developed by the Center of Research and Development company. It is the client addon for the yodoo.systems. It allows companies involved in the development and implementation of solutions on the Odoo platform to create and customize the SaaS portal for their clients. The Odoo-Infrastructure client provides ability for maintaining and administrating servers, databases, applications, both own and clients.

Main features of the Odoo-Infrastructure:

High-level server management

This application allows you to customize and manage remote servers as Odoo instances from the client interface. Connection settings, database management, statistics and more are available for every server.

Fully functional database management

Odoo-Infrastructure allows you to manage databases both own and clients. You can create, drop, rename, duplicate databases, install/uninstall modules, do backups, etc.

Pre-configured database templates

You can create and customize databases, and then create databases templates. Templates can be published on the portal so that customers can use them when creating databases.

Automatic backups

Odoo-Infrastructure allows you to use custom backups with deep configuration. You can perform automatic or manual backups, use custom backup policies, do backups every hour, daily, weekly, etc.

Frontend management

You can set up a frontend. Database can be connected to the frontend that supports the automatic generation of the ssl certificates (https creation).

Customer portal

After registering on the portal, customers are able to manage their own databases: create, drop, restore, create backups, etc. Users can select database template with pre-installed apps and modules, or install the necessary modules on their own.