System Update

BASE TEMPLATE V12 has been updated

Template BASE TEMPLATE V12  has been updated.

Below is the short list of changes:

  • Added stat-button to open request on website
  • Added ability to include request and response texts to mail notifications.
  • Added ability to automatically assign user on project task created via request action
  • Added button to show or hide menuitem for Request Kind
  • Added kanban view for Mail Sources
  • Show Mail Source on request form (see tab Other)
  • Fixed bug: 'on task stage change' trigger was called before task stage was changed
  • Added Service Level concept:
    • Default Service level could be specified on partner form
    • Partner's service level will be automatically used for requests from that partner
    • SLA Rule Lines could be applied based on service level of request
  • Added kanban view for Resource Types
  • Resource Roles:
    • Added resource_visibilitypublic to make resource visible for public users
    • Added can_unlink param on Resource Role object.
  • Generic Security Restriction: Added the ability to hide a stat button witch includes the selected field.
  • Added kanban view for Services