Unlimited Addons

Unlimited addons means that you will be able to install any addons from the official Odoo Community Edition.

Unlimited Custom Addons

You can install any Odoo Community Edition addons and custom addons.


Shared Hosting

Your databases will be hosted on a shared server along with databases of other clients. This can limit your database resources and ability for customization.

  • No custom addons (you will be able to manually install only addons available in your database)

  • If you want to install a custom module (e.g. OCA modules), you need to submit a request. We can provide the installation after checking the module's license and stability.

Dedicated VPS

Your databases will be hosted on a dedicated virtual privat server. You are free to do whatever you want with your databases and install any required addons. Maintenance of Odoo databases is user's responsibility.

We offer you additional Administration Services for your servers and databases, and Continuous Delivery services.

Administration and Continuous Delivery

Server Administration

We provide administration of your Odoo servers. We guarantee stability and uptime of your servers. In this case, all the changes to your servers and databases will be done by our team from your requests. If you need installation of custom addons, we install only well tested and stable modules.

Server administration includes Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) setup for your server.

Server administration is provided for 65 EUR / month.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

We create separate repository on GitLab for you and provide integration with your server. So you do not need to use server commands, all server management can be done from GitLab with a few clicks.

Your developers can develop new features in isolated environments. They will be automatically tested and deployed for reviewing. New features can be easily merged into the production with a few clicks and minimal risks.

CI/CD setup is included in the Server Administration service.

As a separate service, it can be provided for 30 EUR / month.

Odoo Database Administration

We can provide you Odoo database administration services. This includes any work to configure your database (addons installation, configuration, user access management, etc).

Database administration is provided on the per-hour payment policy for 30 EUR /hour.

Odoo Migration

Database Migration

We can provide migration for your Odoo databases. We provide the following migrations:

  • Odoo 8      Odoo 9

  • Odoo 9      Odoo 10

  • Odoo 10      Odoo 11

  • Odoo 11      Odoo 12 

Migration is a step-by-step procedure. That means that if you want to migrate your database from Odoo 8 to Odoo 10, we need to do 2 steps of migration:

  • Odoo 8      Odoo 9

  • Odoo 9      Odoo 10

We can migrate Odoo databases:

  • databases that are hosted on - starting from 250 EUR for one database for one version (1 step upgrade)

  • databases that are hosted on other resources - starting from 300 EUR for one database for one version (1 step upgrade)


No Support

You can use our website Service Desk to submit requests. Your requests will be processed in a low priority.

Technical support may be provided for additional fee. For 30 EUR / month, we will respond to your requests within one business day. Additional service works will be performed with per-hour tariffication.

Technical Support via Service Desk

We provide technical support via website Service Desk. Click Service Desk in the top menu to submit a request.

Additional service works will be performed with per-hour tariffication.


No Multisite

Your database may have only one domain name.

Multisite Enabled

Multiple domain names can be assigned to one database.


No Own Domain

Your database will use standard subdomain.

Own Domain

You can configure domain for your database.