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Bureaucrat ITSM

Incident Management

Bureaucrat is a solution for service companies that provides Incident Management Process according to the ITIL v3 standart. It implements ITIL processes that allows to increase speed and effectiveness of IT service, reduce the number of incidents and prevent them in the future, enables employees to be more productive, to know what services are available and how to use them, enforce compliance with regulations.

The following ITIL processes are implemented in the Bureaucrat

Incident Management


Service Catalog


Service Level Management


Service Desk


Request Fulfillment


Access Management

Our platform is highly customizable and supports the following features




as subrequest

Related Requests 


Related Documents



(en + ua out of box)

Assignment Policies


Service Level Agreements


Custom Fields

(string only)

Asset Management

beta (as resources)

Request Priority


Tag Management



use services in requests


use resources in requests 

Resource Organization by Roles


Automated Actions

Automated Routes

(+ auto-only routes)

Reopen Requests


Request Creation Using Incoming Mail

Request Creation by API

Custom Conditions for Automation

Security Restrictions


For more info, read our documentation.