Bureaucrat Service Desk Pro 15.0 (Demo)

Bureaucrat Service Desk Pro 15.0 (Demo)

Service Desk Pro supports Service Level Agreement (SLA) and SLA Log in requests. It allows to set SLA rules for each request stage with warnings and time limits. SLA rules can be set per service. All SLA actions and events are logged and can be analyzed using SLA Reports.

In addition, Service Desk Pro provides team management capabilities, allowing you to create and assign teams to specific requests.

Users can create and assign custom todo tasks to requests, tailored to their individual needs, to maximize productivity and save time. Additionally, the Request Invoicing feature makes it easy to create invoices for completed requests, simplifying the billing process.

Service Desk Pro also includes a survey feature, allowing you to select and send surveys from a request form. Completed answers are linked to a specific request and can be seen from the request form, providing valuable feedback on the customer experience.

In summary, Service Desk Pro is an all-in-one solution for managing customer requests, improving team performance, and providing valuable insights into the customer experience. It's the perfect tool for businesses looking to take their support operations to the next level.

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