Bureaucrat Service Desk Ultimate 15.0 (Clear)

Bureaucrat Service Desk Ultimate 15.0 (Clear)

Based on our Helpdesk Ultimate bundle with addition of service support. This bundle has the most complete set of Bureaucrat modules. It has all functionality of the previous bundles and much more additional options to automate request processing using automated actions, automated routes and custom assignments.

The Automation Action feature allows you to automate certain tasks, such as sending automatic surveys to customers on a certain stage or  assigning requests to different teams, when category changes.  This helps to reduce manual intervention and saves time for your support team. Automated routes allow you to set up triggers to automatically move requests by the route if certain conditions are met. Automated actions can do automatic assignments, subscription, create subrequest or perform custom programmed server action. These advanced addons can greatly automate and optimize processing of requests.

This bundle also adds ability to create custom assignment policies, provides parent / child relationship to requests (create subrequests), integration with project tasks, ability to link requests to documents and between each other, ability to reopen closed requests with a new type of request, teams, etc.

Service Desk Ultimate bundle is a service desk system designed for customers who require a high level of customization and automation in their support processes. It includes several features to help streamline support requests and ensure they are handled efficiently.

15.0 English 17

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