Helpdesk Ultimate

Helpdesk Ultimate

A professional, highly customizable, semi-automatic helpdesk system for the most demanding customers.

Besides the main helpdesk functionality, it also has additional options to automate request processing using automated actions and automated routes.

Automated routes allows to set up triggers to automatically move requests by the route if certain conditions are met. Automated actions can do automatic assignments, subscription, create subrequest or perform custom programmed server action. These advanced addons can greatly automate and optimize processing of requests.

Helpdesk Ultimate also adds parent / child relationship to requests (create subrequests), integration with project tasks, ability to link requests to documents and between each other, ability to reopen closed requests with a new type of request, etc.

You are free to install additional Bureaucrat modules to upgrade this helpdesk to a higher level.

Any other Odoo modules are also available for installation.

12.0 English 75

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Main Features

Custom requests types / categories

Configurable stages and dynamic routes for every type of request

Kinds of request

Request priority

Custom sequences for generating request names

Attachment of documents, images

Logging requests

Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement Log

Automated actions

Conditional actions

Integration with project tasks


Automatic subrequests creation

Automated routes

Auto-only routes

Tag management

Links with documents

Links between requests

Reopen requests with a new type

Custom fields (string)

Request creation using incoming emails

Planning activities

Internal chatter